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Michelle Vannorsdel


Michelle Vannorsdel

My name is Michelle Vannorsdel and I am a wife, boy mom, and full-time pharmacist. I have been practicing yoga since 2008 and received my 200-hour RYT certification in July 2020 right here at Yama Yoga. I love to participate in all types of yoga classes, but definitely gravitate toward vinyasa or flow classes as my body needs to move! I started practicing yoga for the physical aspect but soon realized that yoga is about so much more like breath, self-acceptance, and letting go. It has given me tools that I use daily to help manage the stresses of work and life. I’m originally from Illinois, have lived in Texas since 2002, and recently moved to Canton where my husband is living his dream as a cattle rancher. When not practicing yoga, I like to keep active by walking my three dogs, riding the spin bike, strength training, or paddle boarding. I also love watching my boys play sports, spending time with my husband on the property, and cooking. If I ever have a free moment you can find me at the lake.

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