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Meredith White

Owl Eye Somatics

Meredith White

Hi I’m Meredith, a mother, nature lover, pleasure seeker, 200HR RYT, Reiki Practitioner, Thai & AromaTouch Bodyworker. I’m also on the way to becoming a Certified Somatic Sex Educator & Certified Sexological Bodywork Therapist.


My journey to find healing and peace within began at a young age. I found myself living with excruciating physical pain after multiple medical procedures involving my spine. Yoga started out as a solution to fix the physical pain and quickly became an inner journey as well. After many years of talk therapy I thought I was “healed”. In the summer of 2021 an incident occurred resulting in the realization that my physical body was storing an enormous amount of trauma that I had no control over. This realization was the guiding light that led me to Somatics where I have found the deepest level of healing for my physical body as well as mind and spirit.


What is Somatics?


With Somatics we hope to guide individuals to gain greater awareness of their body sensations, movements, and emotions. In addition to cultivating new, more effective ways of coping with stress and trauma. Somatics is a holistic approach to healing the mind-body connection by building the bridge between our unconscious and conscious sensations and movements in the body. It aims to release long-held physical tension, emotional stress and traumatic memories stored in the body. More than 80% of the communication channels within our body flows from the bottom-up, thus making body-based modalities important for a healing journey. Essentially, Somatics is a bottom-up (body-mind) approach versus a top-down (mind-body) approach.


Often, we are taught to look outside of ourselves for teachers, in Somatics we believe our Inner Wisdom is what guides us towards our “hidden wholeness.” By simply noticing pleasure and bringing attention to the sensations in our body we cultivate Somatic Awareness. Pair that with the language of Consent and we can begin to deepen our inner and outer dialogue. Our nervous system talks to us through sensations, learning how to expand and utilize the language of sensation is empowering. Underneath every emotion is a sensation, being in contact with, exploring and moving through these sensations can be key to our liberation. My hope is to guide you to find your individual embodied and empowered choice and voice.



  • Lymphatic Manipulation Session

  • Somatic Healing Sessions

  • Scar Tissue Remediation

  • Pelvic Floor Health 

  • Body De-Armoring

  • Genital Mapping

  • Pleasure Mapping

  • Genital De-Armoring

  • Nervous System Regulation

  • Embodiment Coaching 

  • Sexuality Education

  • Sexual Coaching

  • AromaTouch Bodywork

  • Thai Healing Session

  • Private Yoga Session

Contact Meredith for a Free 30 minute Consultation.


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To schedule a session please visit

Call or Text: 903-880-3495



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