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Brea Herring

Tarot Readings & Workshops

Brea Herring

About me: 


Brea Herring is a metaphysician and spiritual guide with over a decade of experience demystifying and interpreting the signs from the Divine. She created Soul Matters for the express purpose of helping others to know and heal themselves using the clues and synchronicities that life so generously affords us all. These synchronicities make up the body of work that is Metaphysics, the study of how the spiritual plane interacts with the physical plane. Brea takes ethicality very seriously when dealing with something as sacred and precious as a fellow human’s energy and life journey. The spiritual path is beautiful; however it can be just confusing as it is awe inspiring. An interpreter of symbols and signs, be they through dreams, numbers, stars or cards is a resource that is available to you through a session with Brea at any time.


Astrological Services offered:

Natal Chart Report:

The natal chart is the celestial blueprint of the sky’s orientation at the moment of birth. These influences reflect, not cause, our natural inclinations. Natal Astrology is a graph of our perceptions, which are most often formed by our life’s experiences. Receiving a report of these influences helps one to understand the relationship between parts of the psyche and how they map out the motivations of the individual. Natal charts also decrease frustration with the self in dealing with certain personality quirks and offer solutions for highlighting one’s strengths and unique beauty. 

Requirements: Must have access to exact time, date and place of birth for accurate calculation and must be over the age of 15. 

Cost and Duration: $225 ($50 scheduling fee, $175 at time of appointment) 90 minutes


Transit Chart Reports: 

Transits are the continual clockwork of planetary movement that proceed through the sky. A transit report overlays the natal chart to see how the current planetary movements personally affect an individual. Transits can help plan for events such as travel or investment opportunities or show the areas of life where attention is concentrated, such as family or career,  and the nature of that attention, whether challenging or expansive. Transit charts are a large part of any ongoing astrological counseling, as they track current rather than established energies. 

Requirements: Must have had a prior natal chart at some point and must be over the age of 15. 

Cost and Duration: $125 ($50 scheduling fee, $75 at time of appointment) 60 minutes


Synastry Chart Reports:

Synastry Charts are used to show how one individual’s energy affects another individual’s life by overlaying the two natal charts atop each other and tracking which planets fall where. This type of chart helps contextualize the dynamics between the two, whether they be parent and child, friend, family or lover. This knowledge can decrease disagreements and help foster appreciation for differences. 

Requirements: The client must have had a prior natal chart at some point, consent of the synastry partner to have their chart pulled, accurate birth information for both parties. 

Cost and Duration: $225 ($50 scheduling fee, $175 at time of appointment) 90 minutes


Composite Chart Reports:

Composite charts are calculated for romantic partners by finding the middle point of each planet, creating a combined chart as if the relationship itself was born. This chart shows the inherent dynamics of the partnership, and how it can most easily flow and where it may experience difficulty. Composite charts also outline where we can best put our energy in our relationship to be sustainable and functional. 

Requirements: Accurate birth times and consent of both parties to have their chart information pulled. Presence of both parties is recommended. 

Cost and Duration: $250 ($50 scheduling fee, $200 at time of appointment) 90 minutes


Other Services:

Card Readings: 

Tarot and oracle card readings are used to understand current energies at play in a given situation. They can illuminate past influences that contribute to a circumstance, as well as the effects they may have in the future. However, the future is always being created by the present and one’s choices. While stigmatized as warnings of misfortune or guesses masquerading as advice, a true tarot reading should confirm inner experiences and provide objective viewpoints and realistic guidance for everyday occurrences, leaving no confusion behind. This service is also available for couples, in showing two sides of a  circumstance for greater compassion and insight into the other’s perspective. 

Requirements: Must be over the age of 12. 

Cost and Duration: Single individual: $80, 60 minutes

$50, 30 minutes

Couples: $115, 90 minutes


3- Card Pull:

A condensed tarot reading with a small menu of topics for beginners or those wanting a taste of a card reading experience. 

Cost and Duration: $15, 10-20 minutes


Spiritual Counseling:

Mystic experiences can be life affirming and curious things. Animal appearances, repeating numbers, powerful dreams, past life memories, or developing spiritual gifts can leave many questions and desire for understanding. These sessions can include explanations of phenomena as well as materials for spiritual curriculum that give direction for one’s path and spiritual development. 

Cost and Duration: $80, 60 minutes

$50, 30 minutes


Stone Baths:

A method of energy healing and general relaxation, stone bathing is the placing of crystals upon the energy centers and points of blocked energy along with guided meditation and Crystal singing bowl cleansing. A consultation will outline any problem areas and stones will be chosen to support the clients specific healing goals. 

Requirements: Must be over the age of 18

Cost and Duration: $75, 60 minutes


Crystal Prescriptions: 

Crystals hold resonant energy that help create alignment and serve as tactile reminders of one’s intention. Clients can express which outcomes they are wanting to experience and are paired with stones that hold the meaning and function in alignment with these goals and intentions. Some stones may be available for purchase at time of session, dependent upon stock. 

Cost and Duration: $50, 30 minutes



Past Life Regressions:

This method of regression involves deep relaxation and guided meditation to bring the body to a state of tranquility and the subconscious to a state of recall. The regressions allow clients to access memories that rhyme with their current karmic experiences for restoration of what is missing or the breaking of cyclical patterns. 

Requirements: Must be over the age of 18

Cost and Duration: $100, 75 minutes




Periodically, educational courses are presented by Brea covering a wide array of metaphysics topics such as Astrology for Beginners, How to Work with Crystals, or Intro to Tarot. These can be found in the Workshop tab of the Yama Yoga home page when available. 


Contact Me:


Walk in sessions are available every Monday and Wednesday at the Yama Yoga Studio. Astrological reports, Stone Baths, Past Life Regressions are not available by walk in.  Certain services are also available virtually throughout the week.

“If you’re curious to know more or have any questions, please feel free to contact me for more information. I look forward to meeting you!”


Who heals the healer?

Appointments are scheduled with Brea by text or call at 903-452-0289

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