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Danise Spiva

GrowU Life Coaching

Danise Spiva

The foundation of life coaching is the belief that each person has unlimited capacity for growth and personal development. 

As a professional life coach, I believe every person is a unique gift to this world and has a valuable contribution to develop. My purpose and passion are to partner with clients in clarifying their own dreams and desires, transforming that vision into “happy actions” and celebrating the joy of progress in attaining real results.

Personal growth areas include:

  • Accomplishing goals for home or business

  • Embracing clarity and confidence through natural changes in life

  • Navigating transitions at home or in business

  • Securing personal identity while caring for others

  • Welcoming prospects in an “empty-nest” or “retirement”

GrowU Life Coaching empowers clients toward:

  • Increasing confidence and motivation

  • Developing new skills or mastering existing ones

  • Using effective problem-solving models

Ready to get started?

Explore packages* specifically designed to GrowU by clicking here.

*Package pricing specials are for a limited time only. Payment plans for packages may be available.

“A rewarding experience that improved my life and well being tremendously"     -Zoe H.

Still not sure? 

Follow the link to book a free 30 minute consultation here, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Danise has decades of experience as an educator and professional mentor, guiding individuals toward solutions to overcome challenges and achieve their goals in spite of social, economic, physical, and learning difficulties. She also brings a wealth of personal life experience resulting from her continued pursuit of personal growth in every season of life with curiosity, courage, determination, and committed connection to others engaged in the same.



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