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Macy Jae


Macy Jae

My name is Macy :)

I am a doodle mom, sister, and nurse. I started practicing Buti Yoga in June of 2018. At the time I needed to break the monotony of lifting weights. I've lifted weights since my early teens- and although I do love it, I was looking for some excitement! I wanted to challenge myself in a new way. My story is a little different.. I lost my mother in July unexpectedly and needed an outlet. She was my person in life and I felt completely, and utterly lost without her. Buti Yoga came knocking on my door just when I needed it to. It not only granted me the ability to improve my physique, but it has transformed who I am on the inside in so many ways. The way Buti guides you to move your body allows me to feel empowered, strong, courageous, beautiful, and so much more. Buti is defined in the Indian Dialect Marthi as "A cure that has been hidden away or kept secret", and I believe there is real value in a workout that provides you the power to heal and transform yourself. I am living proof! I cannot wait to share this practice with you all and let you embark on the feeling of "Buti Bliss".

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