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About the Workshop

Yoga and Oils - Energy




75 minutes

This workshop was created mindfully to cleanse the mind, body and spirit and make room for the new. Lime oil has the ability to cleanse the heart of emotional toxins combined with a smart sequence of twists and forward bends humbly guiding the body to move out what no longer is needed. Geranium to assist the mind, body and spirit to trust in the process, softening anger and assisting in healing. This detoxifying workshop creates a deep physical spring cleaning, leaving you feeling rejuvenated from the inside out!

Your Instructor

Summer Smith

Summer Smith

I am a 500 Hr. RYT, Reiki Master and the owner of Yama Yoga Studio and Wellness. I have a love of yoga philosophy and history and the tradition of using malas, mantras and mudras for transformation.

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