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About the Workshop

Courage To Celebrate




90 minutes

Are you taking action and experiencing change but still feel lacking in motivation? Let’s reward the gains you are making on your journey and develop some plans to stay motivated!

We all want to cheer when we’ve worked hard and reached the goal, but sometimes people fail to reward themselves and lose motivation. With the courage to gladly receive well-earned rewards for our efforts, we affirm the value of our chosen path.

The Courage to Celebrate workshop will help you identify key motivators and demotivators, as well as how to create a personal reward system to promote momentum and motivation and keep you moving forward toward your goals with confidence.

This is a 3 part series. If you would like to purchase all three, there is a $75 bundle offer available. Contact the front desk or call 903-802-8599 to purchase.

Your Instructor

Danise Spiva

Danise Spiva

Danise has decades of experience as an educator and professional mentor, guiding individuals toward solutions to overcome challenges and achieve their goals in spite of social, economic, physical, and learning difficulties. She also brings a wealth of personal life experience resulting from her continued pursuit of personal growth in every season of life with curiosity, courage, determination, and committed connection to others engaged in the same.

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