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About the Workshop

Gong Bath




60 minutes

A gong bath is a therapeutic sound healing experience where participants lie down comfortably and immerse themselves in the soothing vibrations produced by gongs. As the gongs are played, their rich and resonant tones wash over the body promoting deep relaxation and meditation. The sound waves encourage any tension so release, reduce stress, and to balance the mind, body, and spirit. 

Your Instructor

Kenny Kolter

Kenny Kolter

Kenny Kolter is a celebrated sound therapist and Reiki Master with over 19 years of experience, leading more than 3,500 transformative workshops across the nation. Renowned for his mastery of instruments like gongs, drums, and Tibetan bowls, he's acclaimed for creating immersive experiences that allow participants to escape the everyday grind and find solace within.

Kenny's journey includes pioneering the use of gongs in clinical settings and providing therapeutic sessions at prominent institutions, cancer care facilities, and even a federal prison. With a lifelong dedication to sound's potential for consciousness transformation, he continues to inspire through international retreats, group and private sessions, yoga teacher trainings, and his role as a drum circle facilitator. He is currently based in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

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